Wizards of Learning
149/9, Talad-bangkhen, Laksi, Bangkok 10210

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Who are we?

Wizards of Learning is a Thai design studio that creates board games and innovative learning tools.


We are committed to providing a better learning experience. We believe that by combining interaction and fantasy, Learning Experience can be made more engaging, powerful, and impressive.


What prompted you to begin designing board games?


We have some product design experience, which allows us to produce game components and graphics at an early stage. Then, in 2016, we decided to enter a board game design competition sponsored by a Thai publisher, which served as a catalyst for our board game design team. This is how the story of “Pizza Master” begins.

เบื้องหลัง PIZZA MASTER นักออกแบบเขาคิดอะไรอยู่นะ


What does the term “board games” mean to you?


For us, a board game is a special tool for creating one-of-a-kind experiences that everyone can afford. It can also exercise and improve both their brain and mental health.



What impact do board games have on your life?


The “Wizards of Learning” team excels at creating interactive board games that enhance knowledge and education. Learners can use simulation and entertaining experiences to explore ideas and gain a better understanding of the subject.



What is the ultimate goal that you strive for when creating board games?


I’m always searching for ways to improve the player experience in my work as a designer. In terms of having more fun, being more immersive, and delivering a better story, for example.


However, our ultimate goal is for people to recognize the potential of board games as a tool for improving education (from playing games and the process of design games too). For example, a university in Thailand launched a projected-based learning program two years ago. This program brought students from various schools together and assisted them in creating their own board games based on a problem in their community. And this program is a huge success.



What is the most exciting or satisfying aspect of creating a board game for you?


The most satisfying element for us is pretty easy. It is when we witness the gamer having fun with the game! Furthermore, when Thai publishers start looking for Thai games rather than attempting to localize overseas games. Also, when Thai teachers utilize board games to better their teaching, they are inspired by our game :))


The fascinating element is not only for “Wizard of Learning,” but also for the Thai board gaming community (Even now board game designer in Thailand are in the early stage). It is the next stage in ensuring that our board game community grows and has the potential to export on a worldwide scale.



What are your favorite board games?


Our favorite board games are those that use a simple rule to describe the main story and their background. Suburbia, Evolution, Viticulture, and Brew Crafter are a few examples.