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Who we are?

Wizards of Learning are design studio, which designs board games and innovative learning tools in Thailand.


We focus on making better Learning Experience. We believe that by developing both interaction and fantasy together, which can support Learning Experience to be more engaged, powerful and impressed.


What was the opportunity for you starting design board game?


We’ve got some experience from product design which help us produce game components and graphic at the very early stage. And then we decided to join board game design competition by Thai publisher in 2016 and it’s like a catalyst for our board game design team. This is how “Pizza Master” begins.



What do board games mean to you?


Board game for us is a special tool to create unique experiences which everyone can afford. Also it can exercise and improve both their brain and mental together.



How do board games fertilize or change your life?


Board game is fertilize “Wizards of leaning” team to develop board games that make knowledge and education more interactive. By simulation and fun experiences, the learners can explore idea and understand the subject much deeper.



What is the ultimate goal you pursuit for when designing board games?


In designer role, I am looking for how to make the richer experiences for player. Richer in the way of more fun, more intent, better way to telling a story, so on.


However our ultimate goal is that people would see the potential of board games as a tool to make a better education (from playing games and the process of design games too). Such as, in 2 years ago, there is a projected-based learning program by a university in Thailand launched. This program brought students from many school and support them to design their own board games based on the problem in their location. And this program is highly successful. 



What is the most interesting or fulfilling part to you when designing board game?


The most fulfilling part for us is very simple. It’s when we see the player enjoy the game! Furthermore, when Thai publisher start searching for Thai games instead of try to localize international game. And also when Thai teachers use board game to improve their teaching which inspired by our game :))


The interesting part not only for “Wizard of Learning” but for Thai board game community (Even now board game designer in Thailand are in the early stage). It is the next step on how to make our board game community grow strong and have the potential to export into global scale.



What are your favorite board games?


Our favorite board games are the type of game which can explain main story and context with a simple rule. Such as Suburbia, Evolution, Viticulture and Brew Crafter.