Last Hand Standing


Ages 8+   |   Players: 2-6   | 15 min


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Last Hand Standing is a survival math board game for 2-6 players. Welcome to Last Hand Standing Game!! You awake in a survival game and your right hand is trapped on a table. If you lose all 5 fingers, you die. Only the last player who has a finger left will survive this game…

Last Hand Standing is a quick party math game. Each player rolls the dice, then attempts to cut another player’s finger. Using a number on a die with a number on card[s] in the player’s hand by + – x ÷ to create a number from 1-5.


50 Number cards
5 Deadly cards
1 Dice
2 Rulebook (Thai/English)


Unboxing prototype by Wizards of Learning


Game-play overview :

Last Hand Standing has 3 phases in each round

  1. Rolling a dice to create a Deadly Number.
  2. Using Tools to make combo.
  3. All survivors Draw Card and next turn.

Game end

When there is only 1 survival in game, the game is end and that player will survive.

If the drawing pile is empty, only player who has the most finger left will survive. Other players dead.

For mode detail please read more in rulebook.


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Weight 0.24 kg
Dimensions 12 × 18 × 4 cm



2–6 Players

Playing Time

15 Min


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