Pizza Master – the 1st edition


Ages 8+   |   Players: 2-5   | 30-60 min


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Pizza Master is a strategy board game for 2-5 players. You are one of the trainees who aspire to become Pizza Master. Your tasks are to place order for ingredients, collect the ones you want, and make pizzas to earn reputation points.


In this box :
1 Game Board
1 Score Board
5 Player Boards
74 Order Cards (59 x 91 mm)
9 Character Cards (59 x 91 mm)
9 Daily Mission Cards (59 x 91 mm)
65 Ingredient Tokens
37 Coin Tokens
5 Player Tokens
1 Rulebook


Pizza Master was the master chef of Wizards of Pizza, once known as the best pizza restaurant in the world. However, after the master chef mysteriously disappeared, its reputation has been on a decline. To reclaim the number-one spot, all talented Pizza Trainees assemble and hold a COMPETITION. The one who is truly skilled and able to earns the most reputation will be named the next
“Pizza Master”.

Credit pictures from Lanlalen Board game cafe

What makes these seemingly simple tasks challenging is that ingredients may run out as all trainees share the same refrigerator. Moreover, greedy rookies who bite off more than they can chew will be punished for wasting ingredients.

Don’t let this chance fly away. Plan your menu well to prove that you are worthy of the title Pizza Master!


“…Fire up your spirits, all the Pizza Trainees…”

Credit pictures from Lanlalen Board game cafe

Credit pictures from Lanlalen Board game cafe


Pizza Master can be played in 2 different modes:

  1. Trainee mode : Each player has owned order cards on their hand,
    but everyone share ingredients!
  2. Master mode : Recommended for those who love intense competition and want to prove that they are Pizza Master incarnate!
    Shared Order Cards! and Make only 1 Pizza / turn.


** The first-time player should starts playing Pizza Master in Tutorial mode, playing without Objective cards and Daily Mission cards.



Game-play overview :

A game is played in rounds until a trainee reaches 50 reputation points. In trainee mode, each trainee gains extra reputation point after game end from an Objective card.


A round consists of 6 phases.

For mode detail please read more in rulebook.


Trainee mode setup:

Master mode setup:

:: More information ::



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Dimensions 29 × 29 × 5 cm



2–5 Players

Playing Time

30–60 Min


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